Meet the Crew

A write about what the crew does…


Role: On-set journalist and photographer

I see my three month journey with the crew as an experience that signifies my transition into my post-university life. I’ve taken many lessons from the adults that I travelled with, which I will use to equip myself for life as a working adult. I came to settle into a more mature temperament, which isn’t to say that I’ve lost my playfulness. However, I have now inhabited the mind of a focused and goal oriented young woman who has chosen to overcome the fears she had of chasing her aspirations. Read more

Evans Moyo

Role: Travel Manager

Being part of the production crew was such a great experience. I came with mixed feelings as well as many important lessons on and off set. Covid made a huge impact in people’s lives. Many struggled to reach medical centres to access their medication, people lost jobs due to the pandemic and movement was limited. Read more