Category: Eastern Cape

Siphokazi Siyazi

Siphokazi Siyazi she is a sangoma initiation teacher who is from Grahamstown, COVID 19 has affected them in a sense that they only way they

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Siyaxolisa Budaza

Siyaxolisa Budaza is a 24 years old woman she lives with both her parents and 3 young siblings in Hlalani location in Eastern Cape. Both

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Sibabalwe Nkohla

Sibabalwe Nkohla she is a young woman from Hlalani in Grahamstown who lost her job due to COVID19 but also, she lost her job in

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Xolelwa Magxazana

Xolelwa Magxazana is a young woman who finished her studies and was looking forward to getting a job and COVID 19 came and her hopes

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Journey to Grahamstown

“No, we are definitely leaving our luggage at the hotel.” That was our final decision when we imagined the 15 hour journey ahead of us.

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