Grace – From Makolokwe Village

After waking up on the the wrong side of the bed, or on top of the bed in fear of what crawls in the sheets, we went to go a young woman named Grace, who lives in a rural town called ().

Upon arrival, I cannot deny that captivated by her instantaneously. تعليم لعبة بوكر She stood there waiting for us outside her house in blue construction clothing. كيف تربح المال من النت

I have to mention her physique and stature because it was a big part of what held me captive.

She was quite tall, not far from the 6ft mark. She was quite slender but toned and strong. Her posture was that of an Amazon, and she held her self confidently, wearing a smile on her face almost instinctively.

Then I realized that I too had a big fat smile on my face after taking in her beauty.

She introduced us to her family, which included her mother, grandmother her two brothers and her 2 year old daughter whom she loves very much.

As you can see, young single motherhood seems to be a reoccurring theme as we continue to visit the participants of this web series.

We were filming her interview inside her house, which is a small shack that was organized in such a way that it was surprisingly able to shelter her family.

However, the fact of the matter is that, its not easy living like that.

Once again, we had Rama as our pilot as she guided the interview linguistically. Her competence in several languages has actually been quite wonderful to witness.

During Graces interview, she had no real problems saying exactly how she felt, however I dont think she expected it to evoke the emotion it did, not only in her, but in the rest of us either. We were all heavily affected by her, and I think in that moment the vulnerability in the room is what created the safe space for her to continue sharing.

Her sense of humor isnt only some kind of defense mechanism. In fact, I think she also uses it to comfort. Compassion comes in so many different forms, and I can relate to her style of compassion. I could tell that she would instinctively repair the atmosphere in order to create a better mood.

During the shoot, an almost middle aged man came onto the property. Grace mentioned that he was their neighbor, and was notorious for being a bit of a gangster with a violent streak. He entered obnoxiously, most likely drawn by the cameras. He was a flashy man to say the least, and he took up space almost invasively with the entitled hand of his masculinity. موقع المراهنات على المباريات

The space was still female dominated, so you could imagine the shade that was circulating between us that went over this clueless mans head. I quite enjoyed the way Grace would play him for a fool without him even noticing.

In other news, Twiggy is preoccupied with the cuddly baby she is rocking in her arms. قانون لعبة البوكر

Her parental instincts kicked in the moment she saw the baby, and the baby was feeling the connection too. The baby allowed Twiggy to take him in her arms for his afternoon nap. What can I say, they really vibed.

Next we had to shoot the construction site that Grace was working on, which was a walk distance from her house.

When we got there, she explained that they were building an RDP house, and we watched her and her work mates get to work.

She grabbed a pick, and began to put her physical strength to work. She had technique. I appreciated her form as she lifted the pick over her head only swiftly use the momentum from the drop in order to penetrate the ground.

Some people really work for their money.

Being around Grace was indeed a great close to our first actual road trip. روليت That day actually lingered in my conscious mind for days after we went home. One thing that we were excited about was getting back to our beds and for the other three crew members they missed theyre loved ones.